Full and quality legal representation

Full and quality legal representation

"Our skilled attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to handle your legal matters effectively, so you can focus on what matters most - your peace of mind."


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About Us

Founded in 2022, the Laygo Caliuag Barrantes Law Office is based in the Municipality of Orion, Province of Bataan.

Dedicated in giving quality, reliable and result-oriented legal service, LCB Law is manned by competent lawyers who combined the needed experience and youthful enthusiasm in its quest to be one of the best law offices in the Central Luzon area.

With a vision to have a technology – oriented law practice to ensure fast response to every clients’ needs. LCB Law is also bent on maintaining close access and personal interaction to its lawyers to maintain the needed human touch essential for a successful relationship with
its clients.

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Our Team

"Meet our exceptional team of experienced lawyers who are dedicated in providing our clients with the highest quality legal services and achieving the best possible outcomes for their cases."




Bachelor of Laws

Arellano University


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Divine Word College of Calapan


Emails: attypyke@lbclawph.com/laygolaw@gmail.com/


Atty. Pyke has been in the practice of law for over a decade now. He was a former government employee at the City Government of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro while taking up his law degree at Arellano University School of Law every weekend in Manila. He was a clerk, an information officer and upon passing the bar, appointed as city legal officer of said local government unit. He also has a short stint at the House of Representatives as a Deputy Chief of Staff of Cong. Salvador Leachon. On the side, he has taught in various educational institutions in Oriental Mindoro (Divine Word College of Calapan, Mindoro State University, Luna Goco Colleges and the City College of Calapan) and in Bataan (Bataan Heroes Memorial College and Bataan Peninsula State University).


In private law practice, Atty. Pyke handled various cases in Oriental Mindoro, Bataan, Manila, and other areas. Together with his wife, Atty. Jenny Vi C. Trinidad – Laygo, he founded the Laygo and Trinidad – Laygo Law Office in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro. After his wife’s appointment in the government, he pursued his solo private practice in Calapan City before founding the Lasquite, Ussam, Laygo and Ceniza Law Offices which eventually morphed into Laygo, Ceniza, Rojas and Macalintal Law Offices which still exists today as arguably the biggest of its kind in Oriental Mindoro. He is currently an administrative consultant of the Provincial Government of Bataan and other municipalities in Bataan while also serving as private legal counsel and political strategist of various politicians and government officials in Oriental Mindoro and Bataan. During the 2022 Elections, he was the campaign manager of the Partido Balikatan ng Bataan. 


In Bataan, where he also has an active law practice, he established the Laygo Law Office in Orion, Bataan and in 2022, he, together with Atty. Jordanne and Atty. Ezra founded the Laygo Caliuag Barrantes Law Offices.


In college, he was a champion debater and the Liberal Arts Department President at the Divine Word College of Calapan and in law school, he was the associate editor of the Arellano Law Gazette and a member of the Men in Law Fraternity and Sorority. 





Juris Doctor

Arellano University


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy minor in Management  

University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Laguna


Email: attyjordanne@lbclawph.com /caliuaglaw@gmail.com


A certified “Iskolar ng Bayan”, Atty. Jordanne is a multi-talented and experienced professional having been employed in various local and foreign entities before even passing the bar exams as paralegal and administrative staff.


Majoring in Philosophy during her collegiate years at the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Atty. Jordanne trained in the art of argumentation through her undergraduate course and extracurricular activities. She is also an avid musician with mastery of the violin and guitar. In her high school days, she was involved in her school’s drama guild where she showcased her acting, production and directing chops.


Upon passing the bar exams she formed the Laygo Caliuag Barrantes Law Offices with Atty. Pyke and Atty. Ezra in 2022.


Currently, Atty. Jordanne is engaged in litigation and is also an administrative consultant in the Provincial Government of Bataan. Her affiliation includes the San Beda Debate Circle and the Philippine National Red Cross.




Juris Doctor

Arellano University


Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Legal Management  

San Sebastian College Recoletos - Manila


Email: attyezra@lbclawph.com /barranteslaw@gmail.com


Although seemingly green horned in the practice of law, Atty. Ezra was able to compile significant and diverse experience in the said field.


His internship includes stints at the Bureau of Customs and the National Bureau of Investigation which exposed him on intricate and technical matters of law even before taking his oath as a lawyer. This gives him an advance insight in private practice and inner workings of government intuitions which eventually became his leading edge when he passed the bar and joined the legal profession.


Upon passing the bar, he was tapped by the local government unit of his hometown, the Municipality of Limay, Bataan to serve as one of its administrative consultants. Simultaneously, he joined Atty. Jordanne and Atty. Pyke to established the Laygo Caliuag Barrantes Law Offices.


Atty. Ezra is also a notary public and is a budding litigator in Bataan. He is also an active member of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity and Sorority.  



Explore our practice areas and special services Below:

Criminal Defense
and Prosecution

Aside from the traditional criminal defense work, LCB Law also handles prosecution in court as private prosecutors for the private complainant and filing of criminal complaints before the prosecutor’s office.

Labor – Related Matters

Be it for the company or on the side of the working men, LCB Law is committed to ensure industrial peace for both side by striving to highest possible level a “win-win” solution for these two pillars of our economy in line with our commitment to social and
economic justice.

Family Law
& Estate Planning

LCB Law provides personal and sensitive handling of annulment of marriage, legal separation, adoption, and custody cases. Correction of entries in various civil registrar documents are also being handled by us with precision. We also offer estate planning which includes drafting of last wills and testaments.

Civil Litigation, Land- Related or agrarian reform cases and Alternative Mode of Dispute Resolution

When it comes to collecting of debts, contract disputes, conflicts regarding lands and real or personal properties other civil law legal issues, we are more than equip to give proper legal services not only through court litigation but also by using other modes of dispute resolution that can benefit our clients.

Commercial Law &
Allied Areas

Commerce should flow seamlessly and LCB Law can provide corporations with ample legal representation tailor-made for their needs such as serving as in-house counsels and rendering corporate secretarial services. We also do due diligence work and compliance tasks like procurement of Securities and Exchange Commission registration, local business permits and other government-sanctioned compliances and if needed, represent the corporation in court.

& Election Law

LCB Law offers years of experience in election law such as preparation of certificates of candidacy, pre-election and post controversies and protests, training of watchers, general election day legal works and campaign strategy. Government officials and employees seeking representation in their administrative and criminal cases in relation to their duties can count on us for a robust defense while those who seek public servants to be accountable can rely on us to advance their cause.


While together with death, taxes are the other thing that is constant as the adage goes, LCB Law, together with our partner accounting professionals, will give on point solutions to your tax legal woes.

Litigation and Court Representation

LCB Law will be your advocate in any litigation in court or any quasi-judicial and regulatory entities in the Philippines. Our lawyers will represent you thoroughly with nothing in mind but your welfare and quest for justice.

Basic Consultation and Notarial Services

Be it online or face to face, LCB Law can provide accurate legal opinions and consultations. Written legal opinions can also be requested from anyone of our competent lawyers should it be needed. LCB Law also has an inhouse notarial service

Special Projects and Services

Consulting Services for Local Government Units – LCB Law is equipped to give guidance and help to local government units seeking to improve their services to their constituents. Our services goes beyond law and legal matters but also on the very technical aspect of local governance such as preparation of the annual budget, revision of the land use plan, reorganization of the staffing pattern of the workforce, preparation of the annual development plan among others.

Seminars and Trainings – LCB Law, given its diverse background offers seminars for both private and government institutions such as labor law topics, gender and development, local legislation, Katarungang Pambarangay and allied barangay-related legal topics, human resource management, police procedure
trainings, etc.

Legal Document Drafting and Preparation – we provide contracting parties and individuals complete, accurate and simple contracts and written legal instruments that will reflect their intents and desire in accordance with Philippine laws and regulations without the hassle of confusing legalese language as much as

Land Titling, issuances of new owner’s duplicate of land titles and reconstitution of titles – securing and consolidating proof of ownership of your precious real estate assets is one of our core services that you can trust. Every transaction will be aboveboard, and we will never rely on underhand or illegal processes while maintaining quick release of your land titles.


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2nd Floor, EDR Building, No. 2,
Mariano St., San Vicente, Orion, Bataan 2012

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Dito 0991 321 8444

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Tel# (047) 613-3663


2nd Floor plan, EDR Building, No. 2,
Mariano St., San Vicente, Orion, Bataan 2012

Smart 0960 922 3444
Globe 0915 096 7444
Dito 0991 321 8444
Tel# (047) 613-3663

/ laygolaw@gmail.com

/ caliuaglaw@gmail.com

/ barranteslaw@gmail.com